COATC - Professional Women’s Alcohol & Drug Residential Treatment Center | USA | Arkansas

Mission Statement

Provide a unique, personalized, quality substance abuse treatment program in a safe, therapeutic environment, in order to support sustainable long-term recovery.


  • To provide effective treatment for women suffering from addiction disorders.

  • To create an environment of caring, compassion, and trust where a process of healing can begin.

  • To maintain strength in our program of personalized care which respects the dignity of each person who seeks treatment.

We Believe...

  • A client's outcome is enhanced when the client is actively involved in treatment.

  • Family systems are critical in fostering quality outcomes.

  • Improving the quality of life is crucial regardless of the condition or length of stay.

  • Recovery is individually defined and is the ultimate treament goal.

  • Continuity of care is essential in achieving quality outcomes.

  • The quality of our service depends on a knowledgeable and motivated staff.

  •  Drug replacement is not a solution.